Dhaka to Jessore Air Ticket Price, Flight Schedule

dhaka to jessore air ticket price

Dhaka to Jessore Air Ticket Price

You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for the cost of a flight from Dhaka to Jessore. Airlines BD can help you save money on your Dhaka to Jessore flight. We provide a low-cost air ticket booking service in Bangladesh. Because you’ve come to our website, you’re looking for a flight pricing and booking service from Dhaka to Jessore. Let’s say you want to fly from Dhaka to Jessore. This, in our opinion, is a really good decision for you because you can get there in a short period of time.


We all want to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time nowadays. However, it is possible that it will not be accepted for a variety of reasons. One of them is hopping from one location to the next. Our bodies grow fatigued as a result. As a result, air travel is essential for avoiding weariness while also saving time. As a result, air travel is becoming increasingly popular.

About Jessore District:


Jessore District is a territory in southwestern Bangladesh that is officially known as Jessore District. Patali is the name of the date sugar that is made from date sap that has been developed by hand. Traditional methods are used to cook, compress, and preserve it. Although Patali is largely made up of dates, Keshabpur and Manirampur Upazilas generate a lot of them. Jessore is the capital of the region.


Jessore district has a population of 2,764,547 people, according to the 2011 census.


A total of 55.5 percent of the population is Muslim, 14.21 percent is Hindu, and 0.99 percent is religiously unaffiliated.


Agriculture accounts for 39.394 percent of the workforce, with rural labor accounting for 24.13 percent, wages accounting for 2.6888 percent, business accounting for 11.99 percent, administration accounting for 6.6.6 percent, industry accounting for 1.44 percent, and transportation accounting for 3.11 percent.

Airport in Jessore:


The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh operates and maintains Jessore Airport, an inland aviation terminal in Jessore, Bangladesh. Source: Wikipedia


All Flight Information from Dhaka to Jessore


The closest international airport to Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, is Shahjalal International Airport. DAC is the IATA code for this airport. Jessore Airport is the closest airport.

Domestic flights are available from a number of carriers in Bangladesh. As a result, three airlines fly daily between Dhaka and Jessore (If you are not equal to any problem). There are approximately 72 flights every week between Dhaka and Jessore. Non-stop flights are available in roughly 00 hours and 40 minutes.

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The Planes Running on the Dhaka to Jessore Route are:

  1. Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  2. US-Bangla Airlines
  3. Novoair

Dhaka to Jessore Air Ticket Price


1. Biman Bangladesh Airlines: Dhaka Jessore Air Ticket Price

Super Saver 2900 ৳
Economy Saver 4000 ৳
Economy Flexible 6000 ৳


2. US-Bangla Airlines Dhaka Jessore Air Ticket Price

Promotional Economy 3300 ৳
Discount Economy 3700 ৳
Restricted Economy 4500 ৳
Regular Economy 5600 ৳


3. Novoair Dhaka Jessore Air Ticket Price

Special Promo 2700 ৳
Promo 3600 ৳
Special 4800 ৳
Discount 5600 ৳
Saver 6400 ৳
Flexible 7100 ৳


Dhaka to Jessore Flight Schedule

Biman Bangladesh Airlines
US-Bangla Airlines


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