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Our daily lives have become too monotonous and our cities are becoming too polluted, that sometimes we require a break from the bustling urban life. If we don’t have a an extended vacation to take a trips away from our cities it is possible to have enjoying a wonderful time in the many well-designed resorts located in our nation around Dhaka.

Sarah Resort:

Sarah Resort is a unique resort that has modern amenities and equipment that is located at Rajabari located in Gazipur. Cycling, water sports canoeing, boating, kayaking, kids’ area, swimming pool GYM parking, car parking and 9D films make this resort stand out from other resorts. You will also find some of the finest cottages as well as villas with stunning decor. Therefore, this hotel is highly recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy your holidays with your family and your friends.

Bhawal Resort and Spa:

Bhawal Resort is a luxurious resort, surrounded by rain forests located in Gazipur, Dhaka and about 39 km away from Hazrat Shahjalal Airport. It’s a beautiful resort with 61 cottages that are divided into 7 categories, a food rich open-air restaurant, pool deck cafe, a swimming pool and children’s play space. If you’re looking to lose yourself in the beauty of nature then you must visit this.


Rajendra Eco Resort & Village:

Rajendra Eco Resort & Village is among the biggest hotels in Bangladesh with 100 rooms and 57 cottages located at Bhabanipur Bazar in Gazipur, Dhaka. It’s an outstanding resort that offers numerous amenities including a mud home with spa and a pools, picnic areas as well as a farmhouse, gorgeous lake that is perfect for fishing, boating and BBQ facilities, a juice corners, restaurant children’s play area, badminton courts tennis court GYM and mosque. Since there are a lot of amenities and amenities, you should definitely visit this resort.

The Base Camp:

The base Camp is the ideal spot to enjoy a relaxing holiday that includes lots of enjoyment and activities that are located at Rajendrapur, Gazipur. Here you can find thrilling activities such as off-road cycling tracks as well as archery, zip lines on-ground and on-tree challenges and BBQ facilities, fantastic swimming pools and forests. Prior to visiting, you should be sure to bring the essentials like T-shirt, suitable clothes including swim shorts and sports shoes caps, towels, sunglasses notebook, pen, and sunglass. If you want to make your holiday memorable, you need to be here.

Neel Komol Resort:

Neel Komol Resort is a tranquil and peaceful resort that can be heard the rumble of the firefly at night and is distant from Dhaka as well. It has an outdoor swimming pool on the roof and a chat room in the tree house as well as a pool party. gorgeous large pond that has the possibility of horse riding and boating. It’s located in Ratanpur, Gazipur where you can easily let go of the mundane lifestyle.

Lakeshore Resort:

Lakeshore Resort is situated on the shores of Kaptai lake, one of the most stunning lakes in Bangladesh which is protected by the regal hills. There you can swim and rent a boat to go for sightseeing, take a stroll through the lush hills and can go to tribal villages. The hotel’s amenities include parking for cars, a swimming pool, playground for children Restaurant with top-quality food and 24-hour service in the room. If you’re looking to be awed by the sparkling beautiful beauty and stunning decor, the resort is ideal for you.

Dhaka Resort is among the most luxurious resorts in Bangladesh which is famous for its stunning Bhawal Ghor as well as the beautiful rain forest, which is situated in Gazipur, Dhaka. The beauty of its natural surroundings is hard to describe. It has a cozy outdoor picnic area, neoteric pool pools, outdoor games, camping in tents and BBQ, equipment for fishing and boating gardens, massive Shalbon trees, a kid’s area modern cabin and a historical lake. It’s a wonderful place to reside in that you must visit this place.


Jamuna Resort:

Jamuna Resort is a resort in which you can experience the exotic atmosphere with beautiful décor. It’s a luxurious resort that offers an ambiance that is intimate and a warm environment. There’s an area for children to play in and hall and meeting rooms, a conference center, large outdoor space and so on. In addition, you’ll enjoy a variety of flavors in every area of this resort, and the various forms of decor are made from bamboo, wood and other traditional materials. The resort is located near the Mythological Jamuna River and you ought to spend your time there.



Third Terrace Resort:

The third Terrace is an amazing resort that is situated in Gazipur situated on three acres of land, where you can take an enjoyable family vacation or business trip. You can enjoy the beauty of a serene village the middle of Shalbon and just a few minutes away from where Bhawal National Park located. There are two cottages that stand out called ‘Wildwoods’ and “Windsong which are situated next to a stunning lakes and gardens. This makes it the perfect resort for your family holiday.

Padma Resort:

Padma Resort is a perfect destination for those who feel utterly bored by their hectic lives and would like to spend some time in a peaceful. It is located in the middle of Padma river, and it takes about 100 minutes are required to get there. There is a huge outdoor area with a sandy, green beach restaurants, a nice setting as well as facilities for indoor and outdoor games, a chance to ride on boats ( rubber speed boat, speed boat, fishing boat, and country vessel ) and 16 duplex wooden cottages. If you’re looking to take in the views of Padma river the resort is highly recommended for you.


Mawa Resort:

If you are looking to extend your vacation to an out of stunning location, Mawa Resort is the place to be. Mawa Resort will be the ideal choice for you. the affordable cost of accommodation will be affordable for you too. There’s a pitch for cricket and football and a restaurant that serves enriched meals called East West, in which you can enjoy a variety of kinds of fresh fishes from the river, as well as beautifully decorated cottages. It’s located about 38 kilometers from Dhaka which is why you can travel there in a matter of minutes.


Dream Square Resort:

Dream Square Resort is a luxury resort that offers a gorgeous natural view. You be able to see a vast expanse of breathtaking area around the site along with a blue swimming pool and traditional restaurants. There are different kinds of rooms including: Standard Room, Superior Room Standard Room, Premium Room Standard Room Room Mud House, Dream Executive, and Executive Room. If you’re looking to experience different kinds of living, then this resort is the perfect choice for you.



Green View Resort:

Green View Resort is famous for its unique lodging system and the resort is 6 km from Uttara University. It features 31 tastefully decorated rooms, a bungalow for families with a large pond, a party hall, two large size banquet halls. There is also a swimming restaurant, pool barbecue facilities, picnic spots outdoors pool, fountain and gymnasium, a small Zoo with a variety of deer and birds and children’s playground, billiards and a bush for camping tents and campfire. Thus, it could be stated that for those who you wish to experience a variety of setting in one location, Green View Resort is suitable for you.


Arshinagar Holiday Resort:

Green nature , paired with the addition of wood decorations has given Arshinagar Holiday Resort an additional dimension. It is located within Joydebpur, Gazipur. It’s an enchanting spot where you can soak up the sunset and sunrise while sipping the aroma of a cup of hot coffee. There are numerous amenities available in the resort such as a large restaurant, huge swimming pool, barbecue facilities, as well as a parking space, playground for children and solid security. If you’re looking to be filled with joy then you must visit this resort.


Reverie Holiday Resort:

Reverie Holiday Resort Reverie Holiday Resort based around the idea that of Eco Tourism and provides guests with an experience that is unique to the vacation. It’s located about 6 kilometers from Dhaka and is located in Gazipur, Dhaka on 3 acres of land. Here you can enjoy a tranquil environment and forest, harvesting field gardens of fruit and flowers, a picnic area with a pond, modern-day bungalow, amenities for camper, workshop, and BBQ parties. If you’re looking to live a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this spot is for you.


Spring Valley Resort:

Spring Valley Resort is a amazing place to visit with stunning natural beauty that is located in Gazipur just 45 km of Kamakhya Temple and there is an unusual zoo in the resort, dubbed “Guwahati Zoo”. There are various types of facilities available at the resort include an excellent restaurant and cafe as well as a bar as well as a spa and wellness centre and a vast outdoor space playground, and well-lit rooms. This is a place that is beautiful and perfect for a relaxing family vacation, it is a must to visit.



Nokkhottrobari Resort:

Nokkhottrobari can be described as the most charming and traditional resort that is not too far from Dhaka in which you will find plenty of tranquility and a beautiful setting for a vacation with your family and friends. The resort sits on 14 acres of land and includes the beautiful 11-bedroom cottage, which is made from timber and bamboo. If you’re looking to enjoy a relaxed time this is the perfect choice for you.

Chuti Resort and Picnic Spot:

Chuti Resort with Picnic Spot is a quaint spot for holiday-makers. It is located over 54 acres located in Sukundi village, which is 3km from Gazipur. Eco-friendly cottage, gorgeous lake and birdhouse, a children’s area, tent house and traditional food, as well as riding horses has created a unique atmosphere. It’s a fantastic place that is full of amazing items that can bring you joy.


Angana Resort:

Angana Resort is a promptness area of stunning beauty that covers the land of 18,500 square feet that is located in the Surjo Narayanpur village of Kapasia, Gazipur. It’s an oasis of peaceful surroundings of a village that includes an exquisite garden, the pond, playground with a swimming pool, a badminton courts, and deer parks. So, Angana Resort is the ideal resort for those who love being in the lush environment and would like to take the time to relax.


Sohag Palli and Park Resort:

Sohag Palli and Park Resort are mostly attracted by the hanging bridge that is situated on the pool. It is located in Kalampur, Gazipur and established on 10 acres of lush land. There is a park, lake as well as a restaurant called Hotel Mejban’ in which Bengal, Thai, Chinese, Indian foods can be located, a high-end cottage and security strict.


Rangamati Waterfront Resort:

The resort’s name may be Rangamati but there are no hills or hill tracks in the area instead, it is a place of stunning beauty, with a vast floral garden spread across sixty acres. It’s a massive resort is located in Sinaboho Bazaar, Gazipur with 53 guest rooms that are luxurious with six duplex pools with seven luxury lake view cottages and nine adjacent to a lake view cottages.


Turag Waterfront Resort:

Turag Waterfront Resort It is packed with authentic and historical heritages . It is located along the banks of the Turag river. It covers around 11.5 acres. It’s situated in Chabagan Village, Kaliakair, Gazipur in Gazipur. There you will have luxurious lodges, amenities that include boating and fishing and a large pool playground, garden, kids’ zone, and a restaurant serving traditional meals. It’s located about 51 kilometers away from Dhaka in which you could enjoy your time with loved ones and friends.

Seagull Resort:

Seagull Resort Seagull Resort is beautiful location with natural beauty is located in the Singerdigi region in Mawa within Gazipur and is situated in 42 acres. There are 18 traditional cottages equipped with five-star facilities, a children’s amusement park, lake as well as a flower garden and bird gardens and a air that will make your day unforgettable.

Ananda Park and Resort:

Ananda Park and Resort is an exceptional spot to enjoy the stunning beauty of rain forest. It is among the most ideal places to make your holidays unforgettable. Here you are able to enjoy lavish decorations throughout and a the pool, six cottages around an outdoor swimming pool with legendary service, and recreation facilities.


MJ resort is a socially and ecologically responsible eco-friendly boutique Resort.Located in southern Dhaka, Bangladesh, just 34 km away from Gulistan’s zero-point (Gulistan). This resort can be easily reached with a carand takes just one hour to get there to reach it from Dhaka City.


Website MJ Resort

In the end we can conclude that if you take the time away free from your hectic and boring life These resorts are the ideal place to get back your enthusiasm and energy.

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