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Golap Gram – One Day Tour Plan Besides Dhaka City

Golap Gram

Birulia union of Savar, Golap Gram

Near Dhaka, in the Birulia union of Savar. Sadullapur settlement, on the banks of the Turag River, is today known as Golap Gram. You can visit the State of Roses in the area of Dhaka if you want to take a break from the mechanical world for a day. Sadullapur is surrounded by a variety of brightly colored roses. Miranda roses are commonly grown in this region. You will constantly be captivated by the large rose garden on the side of the road that runs through the village’s heart. A bunch of roses can be found in Sadullahpur village. You can purchase roses of your choosing from this location. However, they usually do not want to sell roses to the general public. As a result, you must purchase more than three roses from them.

Sadullahpur village, known as “rose village,” cultivates jarvara, gladiolus, and rosemary flowers. Either. Sadullahpur Golap Gram is the primary source of flowers for the Dhaka flower market, including Shahbagh. Every evening in front of Abul Kashem Market in Shampur hamlet, the local flower farmers’ roses are displayed. Many vendors travel from all over the country to purchase flowers.

What to See at Golap gram (Savar, Dhaka)

Birulia also has jarvara, gladiolus, and rosemary gardens in addition to the rose garden. If they have the time, some landlords can come to their tenants’ homes. There is an antique banyan tree near the Birulia Bridge.Golap Gram

When Should You Leave?

Rose blossoms from Sadullapur are grown virtually all year. So, whenever you get the opportunity, pay a visit to the Golap Gram. Winter, on the other hand, is ideal for rose cultivation. The blooms are small and fresh at this time. There are flowers in every garden. So, if the timing is good, pay a visit to this Dhaka tourist attraction this winter.

Where can I eat in golap gram?

In Sadullapur Ghat, there is a reasonably priced hotel. You can sit under the botan tree and drink tea and breakfast when you get to Sahdullapur Ghat. If the team is required to visit the rose garden, however, the hotel employee will be forced to continue chatting about cooking. It’s even better if you can transfer it from Dhaka with the appropriate food. As soon as he enters the rose shop, an uncle on the right side makes a good onion. You may taste the onion if you want to.

What is the best way to get to Sadullapur Rose Village?

 There are several ways to get to Sadullapur Golap Gram.

The First Route Plan

Sonargaon Highway Road must arrive at Diyabari from the North Tower in the Uttara House Building area to the Laguna. Take a local vehicle trip to the Birulia Bridge, a bit further down the main road. Let us leave Sadullapur for a TK 20 vehicle rental from Birulia Bridge. You can borrow a reserve boat from Birulia Bridge to get to Sadullapur if you want. It will cost about 1 rupee to reserve a boat. About 20 passengers can be boarded in a boat.

Route Plan No. 2

From Tongi station, use the CNG reserve to Birulia Bridge via Kamarpara. Let us leave Sadullapur for a TK 20 vehicle rental from Birulia Bridge. If you have trouble acquiring an auto at Birulia Bridge, you can come to Akul Bazar in Sadarlapur and get another auto from Birulia Bridge. From Mirpur, there are numerous bus options. Again, rickshaws or CNG would be able to reach Diyabari Batala Ghat from Mirpur 1, Mirpur 4, or Gabtali. It’s important to note that this isn’t Uttara Diwali. Various Shallo-engine boats leave Diyabari Ghat for Sadullapur in 5 minutes. The rental of a local engine boat costs Tk 20 per person and takes 3-5 minutes. From here, you can charter a speedboat, shale boat, or kosha boat to Sadullapur. The only freight charge in that scenario will be Tk 20, Kosha Boat 3 Tk, and Speedboat 5 Tk. The rose fields on both sides of the road may be seen from this vantage point. However, if you want to enjoy the boat ride, you will have more pleasure out on the lake. You can walk to Sadullapur and take a look around. A rose garden can be found almost anywhere. If you like, you can take a rickshaw.

  • Remember

    The boat comes to a halt here after 4 p.m.

    All bus service information and counter numbers from Dhaka to Rajshahi

    Some Recommendations for Visiting Saidullapur Golap Gram

    -If you take personal transportation to Golap Gram, please park in the designated area.
    – Do not take roses or other flowers from the gardens unless you have permission.
    -Do not enter the flower gardens after evening.
    -Do not irritate the farmers while they are engaged in their livelihood activities.
    -Abstain from all immoral and unsocial activities.

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