Karnaphuli Express: Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Karnaphuli Express - কর্ণফুলী এক্সপ্রেস

Karnaphuli Express:

Today we are going to discuss the Karnaphuli Express train. Have you decided to take the Karnafuli Express train? Then this post is for you. Because through this post we will highlight all the information of Karnaphuli Express train. As if you can ensure safe travel. From here you can know the Karnaphuli Express train schedule, ticket price, fare list, station break everything. Karnafuli Express train number 03/04. A train operated under Bangladesh Railway. It is one of the trains of the Bangladesh Railway family. The Karnafuli Express train is very popular as it is a luxurious and fast train. Lots of people travel on this train every day. If you want to travel from Chittagong to Dhaka, Dhaka to Chittagong, I think it would be better to choose this train. Karnaphuli Express Chittagong to Dhaka, Dhaka to Chittagong takes an average time of 08 hours 30 minutes. The Karnafuli Express train has seating arrangements, sleeping arrangements, food facilities, observation facilities, luggage carrying facilities.


Karnaphuli Express train schedule

From here you can know about the Karnafuli Express train schedule. When does the Karnafuli Express train leave from any station, reach any station? You can know more about the Karnafuli Express train holiday. As the Karnafuli Express train does not have a weekly holiday, it runs regularly. It is very important to know the schedule of train travel. So we put the schedule in the table below. Get to know the schedule of the Karnafuli Express train safely from the table below.

Station Name  Day Off Departure Arrival
Chittagong to Dhaka NO Day Off 10:00 19:45
Dhaka to  Chittagong No Day Off 08:30 18:00


Karnaphuli Express train fare list

The Karnafuli Express train runs on the Chittagong to Dhaka Dhaka to Chittagong route. It operates six days a week. The Karnaphuli Express train took about 6 hours and 30 minutes to stop at several stations.

There is no substitute for a train if you want to have a pleasant journey at a low cost. The cost of traveling by train alone is low. Let’s pull the section again. There are suitable seating arrangements for all classes of people. Similarly, the Karnaphuli Express train has three sections. 1) elegant, 2) elegant chair, 3) the first seat. The fare list of the Karnaphuli Express train is given according to the seating arrangement from his own table.

Seat Category Ticket Price(15%Vat)
Shovon  285tk
Shovon Chair 345tk
First Class Seat 480tk

Hopefully, you will be able to travel safely based on the appropriate theory. We try to present to you 100% accurate information from the official site of Bangladesh Railway. If you have any questions about Ten, you can find out by commenting in the comment box below. We will try to respond to your comments. Because our main purpose is to serve you. Thank you so much for being with us for so long.

All information collected by : railway website


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