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Pirojpur To Dhaka bus tickets online

Pirojpur to dhaka

Prices, Distance, and Number of Counters for Pirojpur to Dhaka Bus Tickets With up to 180 million citizens, Dhaka is both the capital and largest metropolis in Bangladesh. The nation’s center of trade and commerce, Dhaka city hosts the headquarters of all the major local and international businesses. Motijheel, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, and Karwan Bazar are among Dhaka’s major commercial areas. The city has had a significant increase in middle-class households over time, which has resulted in higher consumer expenditure. As a result, there is now more demand for leisure time! In southwest Bangladesh, there is a district called Pirojpur. It belongs to the Barisal Division. Online bus tickets from Pirojpur to Dhaka. Pirojpur is located in Bangladesh, and Dhaka is located there with coordinates of (23.7104, 90.4074).

Pirojpur to Dhaka bus tickets online

Pirojpur is situated in Bangladesh at coordinates (22.5797, 89.9752), while Dhaka is situated at (23.7104, 90.4074). The calculated flight distance between Dhaka and Pirojpur is 83 miles or 133 kilometers.

Pirojpur to Dhaka Non-AC Bus Service

BUS Price Contact
Golden Line Paribahan 550 TAKA Contact Us
Dola Paribahan 450 TAKA Contact Us
Sakura Paribahan 550 TAKA Contact Us
TungiPara Express 400 TAKA Contact Us
Emad Enterprise 500 TAKA Contact Us

Pirojpur to dhaka

Pirojpur to Dhaka AC Bus Service

BUS Price Contact
TungiPara Express 600 TAKA Contact Us
Emad Enterprise 600 TAKA Contact Us

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