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Sakura Paribahan

Sakura Paribahan is one of Bangladesh’s best transportation services. Their company has been in operation since 1991. The service has a customer support center that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, where you may file a complaint or offer advise. Passengers can take a non-AC bus with Sakura Paribahan.

Barishal, Khepupara, Barguna, and Mothbaria are the four primary routes maintained by the firm. With the existing buses, AC bus service could be added soon.

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You can call the main office on your phone. Sakura Paribahan’s official mobile numbers are 01727545460, 01746474780, 01700558805, and 01992797701. You can acquire service information from Sakura Paribahan by phoning the counters. Seats can be reserved or purchased at the counter. Gabtoli is where the company’s headquarters are located.


1 Sakura Paribahan Information on All Counters
2 All Dhaka Division Counters
3 Route Sakura Paribahan
3.1 Dhaka Transportation Fare:
Information about all Sakura Paribahan counters
Here’s all you need to know about all of the counters, including their addresses and phone numbers:

All Dhaka Division Counters
Syedabad Counter () () () () () () () () ()
01714-080221 (mobile)

() Gabtali Counter () Gabtali Counter () Gabtali Counter () Gab
01712-934430, 01818-181232, 01712-934430, 01712-934430, 01712-934430, 01712-9344

() Savar Counter () Savar Counter () Savar Counter () Savar
01711-519191 is a mobile phone number.

TT Counter ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) (
01718-296689 (mobile)

All Barisal Division Counters

() Barisal Counter () Barisal Counter () Barisal Counter () Bar
01712-618924, 01714-022341, 01712-618924, 01712-618924, 01712-618924, 01712-6189

() Pathuakhali Counter () Pathuakhali Counter () Pathuakhali Counter ()
01718-925124, 01712-099552 (mobile)

() Barguna Counter () Barguna Counter () Barguna Counter () Bar
01712-986024 (mobile)

() Kuakata Counter () Kuakata Counter () Kuakata Counter ()
01716-068992 (mobile)

Blizzard Counter ( ) is a game where you can play as a blizzard.
0496-2544, 01712-073084, 01712-073084, 01712-073084, 01712-073084, 01712-073

Route Sakura Paribahan
Sakura Paribahan does not have international service, thus you won’t be able to travel outside of Bangladesh straight from these districts. For this, you might use the Shyamoli Paribahan service. However, you can save time and money by purchasing a ticket through shohoz.com.

Departure Arrival
Dhaka Barishal
,, Jhalokathi
,, Patuakhali
,, Borguna
,, Kuakata
Barishal Dhaka
Jhalokathi ,,
Patuakhali ,,
Borguna ,,
Kuakata ,,
Barishal ,,
From Dhaka, transportation costs are as follows:
BDT fare to destination
Barisal Tk. 400
Khepupara Tk. 450
The price of a one-way ticket from Dhaka to Barisal is TK 500 per person. The fare from Dhaka to Khepupara, Barguna, or Mothbaria is the same. Any of these destinations will cost you TK 550. The fair from Dhaka to Jhalokathi costs TK 500 each person. In addition, you must pay TK 600 for Patuakhali or Kuakata. Sakura Paribahan non-ac bus, unlike others, gives you the sensation of flying through the sky.

Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling

• Passengers should arrive at the bus stop at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

• Each traveller is allowed to bring up to ten kilograms of luggage with them. If your luggage weighs more than 10 kg, you will be charged an extra fee.

• Passengers are not permitted to transport unlawful products. The authority is not liable in the instance of unlawful products being transported.

• Smoking is prohibited on board the bus.

• After dropping off their luggage at the bus bunker, passengers should take a token and keep it secure until they receive their luggage back.

Passengers must keep their handbags and other belongings on the bus under their own responsibility.

• Passengers who arrive late at the bus stop and miss the bus will not be reimbursed for their transportation fare.

The service was founded by Sakura Paribahan in 1991. Since then, it has run the company by providing excellent customer service. They make every effort to provide the best possible service to the passengers. As Desh travels for northern Bangladesh, Sakura Paribahan is a watershed moment for the communication infrastructure for the areas around the Bay of Bengal.

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